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Steve Marshall

Secretary Age Concern Fuengirola, Mijas and Benalmadena

The support that the EWN provide to Age Concern is amazing. I am particularly indebted to Alison and Nikki. We would not be able to get our message to the wider community so effectively without your help. The Charity is now in its 8th year and continues to expand as the need for our services increases. Having the EWN in our corner makes my job that much easier.

Topmark Fireplaces

Euro Weekly has provided us with an Excellent Service over the last few months, which is very important to us being a New Business on the Coast. We have been more than happy with the enquires we are receiving relating to the Advert we have weekly with Euro Weekly, so a VERY BIG thankyou!

Albert Kuijer


Poolworx sold heat pumps for pools in the period 2016-2021. We found that in the initial years, many pool owners are actually British nationals who live in Spain permanent or have a holiday home. When looking for the right means of advertising we found the correct match with EuroWeekly, being a full size newspaper covering many Costa’s with the correct balance between relevant news and space for adverts. Our product is a luxury item and we needed a matching quality level of advertising. A radio commercial or advertising in cheaper local papers full of adverts was not the way we wanted to come across. We approached their local agent in the Albox office and got a good deal for advertising in the Almeria, Costa Blanca South and -North editions. It became apparent that we had made a right choice to work with EuroWeekly, as response was good and we managed to grow our business year after year. Therefore we increased our advertising to 40 weeks on an annual basis. Also we added three half page advertorials to our campaigns. Giving us the chance to use valuable space in the newspaper, and provide our clients with more insight and technical detail about the product and its installation.

In addition as of 2018 we also noticed a good increase in sales to clients from Belgium, The Netherlands and other countries. Obviously they are also reading the EuroWeekly.

I can strongly recommend the EuroWeekly newspaper for advertising and growing your business. The clients who read this newspaper have been a good match with our products in all those years.

Pablo Calvo Rodriguez

I started my own business beginning of June and I was looking for a way to advertise it. I came across the Euroweeklynews paper in a supermarket and I thought it could be a good opportunity. I sent an email and three days later I was meeting with Nigel Fitzpatrick, who made the whole process very easy for me: I provided a couple of pictures and a few words and they came up with a very well designed piece. A week later my advertisement was available in their paper.

I would like to thank Nigel for his assistance. Really appreciate the help!

Mike Tullett

Sunset Real Estate Agency SL

We have used the EWN to promote our business to buyers, sellers and renters. The paper has also helped to promote our dedicated rent to buy business when we have moved into new territories and where we were not known previously. Their rates are very fair considering the scope of their reach and reader numbers. They are definitely worth considering as part of your overall marketing mix.


Olea Homes

Nigel has been a great help to us in designing and placing our advert with the Euro Weekly. He took us efficiently through the process of advertising with clear explanations and prompt replies to our questions. We found Nigel to be extremely conscientious and encouraging.


Global Discount Furniture

We have advertised in the Euro Weekly for some time now and can clearly say it is the best free newspaper on the Costa Blanca. We get the results we want and it generates additional business. The service we receive from Michelle Coy is excellent, very professional and nothing is too much bother.


English TV in Spain

My Name is Pete from AA Tv, Iptv in Spain, and Englishtv in Spain, we worked alongside the EWN Newspaper for over 8 years. During the latter period I have been lucky by having Michelle in my corner helping us with our advertising. The results we get speak for themself. Thanks EWN. I would recommend them and Michelle wanting resuts from advertising it works for us.

Silvia Lago Fernandez

Linea Directa

Our relationship with Euroweekly goes back many years.

In all these years, the relationship has been very close and the results for us have been the best. Euroweekly is a fundamental partner in our campaigns.

All this relationship is centralised in Amalia, who looks after us at all times. She doesn’t just make sure the terms of our agreement are met, she goes above and beyond. She cares about being attentive to everything that can affect us.

And not only on a business level.

I hope we can continue collaborating for many more years.

Lorraine Howard

Seagate Wealth

We have been advertising with the EWN for a long time and find their professionalism and attention to detail with our adverts excellent. They are a helpful team who always look to do their best for their clients. I would recommend them to any other business.


Grill Us

The advert works really great.

I´ve tried most of the other papers and the little local directories and it is only the EWN that I use because it works. In actual fact it brings in around 30% of my work


Campoamor Marine Centre

We have advertised with the Euro Weekly News for many years and wouldn’t advertise anywhere else.

Even in these difficult times we still have customers walking in with the advert.

Michelle, our rep is always on hand and offers us an exceptional service.


Neater Heater

We (Neater Heater) have been using EWN for our advertising for many years now and our main contact is Nazario.

He is a credit to EWN, he always answers my emails professionally and extremely quickly. He makes sure that my adverts are in on time and if there is a problem (not often) I am informed immediately.

If you get the chance to do business with him, you will not be disappointed.

Keep up the good work, Nazario!


Southern Comfit International

I am so pleased with the Southern Comfit International advertorial published in the current southern edition of EWN (Costa Blanca South). Sincere thanks to the staff who exceeded our already high expectations. Michael (Walsh).

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